jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Day four

"It was a really good day, we learned to play a new game and we visited the Wood Museum in Vinuesa, very closed to Salduero", said Belén and Alba. Now they can use words and expression around the topic of the wood such as junipers, beech, oak woodland - here they call it rebollar- pine, imperial eagle, woodpecker... In the museum a girl told them the many pine forests provide an important economic resource for local municipality and the local people who receive part of the benefits from the wood - suerte del pinar - .She also told them about the colour of Laguna Negra and the leyends that refers Antonio Machado in his poem "Las tierras de Alvargonzález".
So thanks to our reporters and we are looking forward to hearing other classmates telling us about the last day in the camp.
Thursday, November 12th.